Nouryon has a leading position in the electroconductive carbon black market. Our Ketjenblack superconductive carbon blacks offer the highest electrical conductivity at the lowest concentration in the industry.

They provide your products with excellent antistatic or electroconductive properties in order to attain the highest level of safety in their end use.

Our high-purity superconductive blacks are used in a wide range of applications. These include protective packaging for electronics, safety shoes, fuel tanks and hoses, conductive flooring, medium and high-voltage cables, and electrostatic paintable plastics including automotive parts. Ketjenblack® is also used in non-polymer applications such as batteries, fuel cells and conductive coatings.

Due to the unique morphology of Ketjenblack, substantially lower amounts are needed to obtain the desired properties when compared to conventional conductive carbon blacks. As a result the processing and mechanical properties of the final compound are much less impacted. Ketjenblack EC-600JD is the benchmark in the industry, giving the best electroconductive properties.

We also produce tailor-made superconductive carbon black formulations. Regardless of concentration or medium, we can meet your specific needs.

Product name


Physical form


Typical dosage (%)

Total BET surface area (m2/g)

Ketjenblack EC-300J

Superconductive black with very high purity

Soft pellets

All polymers. Resins, coatings and inks



Ketjenblack EC-600JD

Top end superconductive black with very high purity

Soft pellets

All polymers. Batteries and fuel cells



Ketjenblack EC-600JD Powder

Ketjenblack EC-600JD in very fine powder form

Very fine powder

Batteries and fuel cells




Product name

Recommended use

Physical form

Active content (%)

Ketjenblack EC-330 JMA

Easy to disperse formulation of Ketjenblack 300 in methacrylate monomer for resin systems

Non-dusting powder



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