BluCure® is a state-of-the-art technology related to the Cobalt-free curing of composite resins. Our BluCure technology is available via licensing to all composite resin manufacturers. BluCure technology offers opportunities for outstanding performance and sustainable end-user value, both now and in the future. In addition, the BluCure seal is a guarantee to you and your customers that your products are 100% Cobalt-free.

BluCure Technology and Products

BluCure technology has been developed for organic peroxide curable Unsaturated Polyester (UP) and Vinyl Ester (VE) resins. It provides the composite industry with a sustainable alternative to Cobalt-based curing systems.

BluCure products are available in either Cobalt-free pre-accelerated resins or ready-to-use Cobalt-free accelerators, which are designed to meet the following strict criteria: 

Open access to BluCure technology

BluCure provides 100% Cobalt-free curing technologies and are a genuine alternative to traditional Cobalt-based accelerator systems for all manufacturers in the composite  industry.

The technology is available for end users and resin manufacturers by means of Nouryon’s Nouryact cobalt free accelerator portfolio.

Alternatively composite resin producers can acquire a license that enables them to formulate the technology in to their resins.

The BluCure seal

The BluCure seal is a clear and trustworthy indication that your product is 100% Cobalt-free. It shows that you take your responsibility to meet the needs of your workers, customers and future generations seriously.

Adding Sustainability

BluCure Technology and BluCure Products offer long-term benefits to all composite component manufacturers, resin suppliers and end-users by providing outstanding performance and adding sustainable value to your products.

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