Organic peroxides and azo initiators are used to produce various types of olefinic, styrenic, acrylic and other polymers. They are also used in polymer polyols production, which are essential ingredients needed to produce polyurethane foams.

Polymer polyols provide better load bearing capabilities for products like slabstock foam, which are used in furniture and bedding, and molded foam, which are used in car seats.

Innovation is at the core of our business and we have a stream of new, high-value products and technologies, including Trigonox® 421, our latest generation of organic peroxides for polymer polyols production. Trigonox 421 is an eco-premium alternative to commonly used azo initiators.

Some advantages of our latest product include:

  • Tetramethylsuccinonitrile (TMSN) free
  • No toxic decomposition products
  • Drop-in replacement for AIBN
  • Easy to dose liquid

Unlike most other peroxides, Trigonox 421, upon decomposition, almost exclusively generates selective C-radicals. Therefore, just like AIBN, it is especially suitable for polymer polyol production, where branching and molecular weight control is important in lowering viscosity and minimum particle size products.