From modified methylaluminoxanes (MMAOs) to isobutylaluminoxanes (IBAOs), we supply the world's largest range of modified aluminoxanes for use in single-site catalyst technology. This technology allows our company to provide precisely-tailored polymer properties and has revolutionized the polymer industry.

Our MMAOs contain modifiers, which provide superior stability for long-term storage. Modifiers also often provide excellent solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Due to the difficulty in producing and handling aluminoxanes, they are only offered as a hydrocarbon solution. Concentrations depend on properties of the aluminoxane, but solutions typically contain 7 wt% on soluble aluminum basis, corresponding to an aluminoxane concentration of about 15-19 wt%.

Our metal alkyls and organometallic specialties businesses are part of an extensive global network, allowing our modified methylaluminoxanes to be shipped to customers around the world.

Product name

Chemical name 


DIBAL-O Bis(diisobutylaluminum) oxide 998-00-5
IBAO-65 Isobutylaluminoxane 220326-29-4
MMAO-12 Modified methylaluminoxane 206451-54-9
MMAO-3A Modified methylaluminoxane 146905-79-5
MMAO-7 Modified methylaluminoxane 206451-54-9
PMAO-IP Polymethylaluminoxane 206451-54-9



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