We're one of the world's top producers of triethylaluminum and other aluminum alkyls, along with magnesium, zinc and boron alkyls.

We also offer the world's largest range of methylaluminoxanes and custom synthesis capabilities for organometallics and metallocene catalysts for use in single-site catalyst technology.

Thermoplastics and rubber production

Our products can be provided as neat metal alkyls, blends in solvents or custom mixtures of metal alkyls. We bring you solutions. Whatever your particular requirements are, we can develop the product to match.

Pharma & fine chemicals

In pharmaceutical and fine chemical synthesis, our products facilitate various asymmetric steps and are especially useful in reduction, addition, alkylation and deprotonation. Stereochemical control is increasingly important in pharmaceutical synthesis and metal alkyls have been shown to be particularly effective in obtaining the desired stereoisomer in certain applications.

High Purity Metalorganics (HPMO)

As well as ingredients for plastics, we also make high purity metalorganics (HPMO). These are used in LEDs and the lasers found inside DVD players. We also play a role in the fast-growing solar cell market.

Ignition fuel in rocket fuels

Certain blends of triethylaluminum from Nouryon are used as ignition fuel in rocket fuel applications.

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