Nouryon is a global supplier of organic peroxide initiators to the PVC industry and a global leader in antifouling agents, which are used to prevent the reactor fouling and polymer buildup in the polymerization process.

Noxol® and Everplus® Antifouling Agents

Our antifouling agents, Noxol® and Everplus®, are key ingredients in manufacturing suspension PVC. Their use is also growing in the production of styrenic and acrylic copolymers.

Our antifouling agents prevent reactor fouling and polymer build-up, which can reduce heat transfer and product quality. In addition, they provide customer savings in operational costs and time by reducing the cleaning time between batches.

Noxol® is recognized as the worldwide market leader in antifouling. It provides better adhesion to the reactor wall, while its functional groups protect against negative interaction with oxygen. Also, its color and transparency provide the clearest visual distinctions from all other available products on the market.

Our antifouling agents can be supplied in bottles, drums and returnable stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

Besides antifouling agents, we supply a wide range of secondary suspending agents to control PVC porosity.

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