Armowax W-440 is the best dispersion and processing aid for highly filled polymer compounds available. This hyperdispersant gives the perfect balance between internal and external lubrication.

When making highly-filled polymer compounds, dispersion of the fillers is a challenge. In many cases standard processing aids do not perform well enough to get a proper dispersion. In those situations Armowax W-440 brings the perfect solution.

The unique characteristics of Armowax W-440 are based on a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups present in the double-comb polymeric structure. The good compatibility of Armowax W-440 with polymer and fillers, combined with a low melting point, improves the flow properties of compounds during processing, while enhancing optimal dispersion.

Armowax W-440 ensures optimal dispersion of Nouryon’s Ketjenblack and other superconductive carbon blacks, glass fibers or calcium carbonate. If a standard dispersion aid does not give you the performance you need, Armowax W-440 is the product of choice.

Product name Description Physical form Origin raw material Polymer Typical dosage (%)
Armowax W-440 Polymeric ester of long chain alcohol Pastilles Synthetic Polyolefins, engineering plastics 0.5-2.0

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