Our antifog additives offer the solution to problems related to the formation of water droplets on plastic films. In fact, they prevent the formation of droplets by transforming them into a transparent water layer.

In food packaging antifog additives enhance product appeal and shelf life. Would you buy packaged fresh food or meals that do not look fresh due to the formation of water droplets on the packaging film?

The need for new antifog additives also arises from the fundamental problem that exists with traditional agricultural films. Antifog performance is not durable enough. Antifog additives improve light-transmission and enhance crop-growth in greenhouses. They also prevent water droplets from falling down and damaging crops. We strive for agricultural films to maintain antifog performance over their full lifetime.

Our Armofog antifog additives improve hot and cold fog performance of polyolefins and other food packaging applications. In addition, we focus on easy to use antifog additives that improve durability of the antifog performance of agricultural film.

Our products are designed with you in mind. That’s why we offer unique high-performance concentrates of our antifog additives as easy-to-dose, cost-effective solutions.

Product name Description Physical form Origin raw material Polymer Typical dosage (%)
Armofog 151-XE35 Mixture of glycerol esters Paste Vegetable PE, EVA 0.5-1.0

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