We offer a range of promoters and inhibitors to help creating the optimal curing system.


Promoters are added in a curing system to increase its reactivity and shorten the gel time while speeding up the curing process.

The reactivity of cobalt-based accelerators can be increased by using promoters such as Promotor C or Promotor D. These promoters increase reactivity in curing systems, allowing for shorter gel time and faster curing for unsaturated polyester (UP) resins and vinyl ester (VE) resins when using ketone peroxide/cobalt accelerator or peroxyester/cobalt accelerator combinations at both ambient and elevated temperature.

Amine accelerators are also used as promoter in MEKP/Cobalt curing systems to boost the reactivity of Cobalt. We have two promoters in our portfolio which have different applications and uses.










In certain geographical regions, we supply a number of inhibitors for processing UP, VE and (meth)acrylate resins. Inhibitors act as radical scavengers and are used to extend the gel time and pot life of curing systems.

Inhibitor NLC-10

Inhibitor NLC-10 is used during ambient temperature curing to increase:

  • Gel time of a mixture of UP resin, organic peroxide and accelerator
  • Pot life of a mixture of UP resin and organic peroxide
  • Pot life of a mixture of UP resin and amine accelerator

Inhibitor NLD-20

Inhibitor NLD-20 is used in elevated and high-temperature curing systems to increase:

  • Shelf life of a SMC or BMC at ambient temperature
  • Pot life of a mixture of UP resin and peroxide at ambient temperature

For example when compared to p-benzoquinone, Inhibitor NLD-20 is very effective at ambient temperatures without inhibiting curing at elevated and high temperatures.

Release agent

In certain regions, we also supply a mould release agent which is a versatile high-quality wax.

The world's largest range of thermoset chemicals

Our range of organic peroxides for the curing of thermoset resins, coatings and specialty monomers is the world's largest. In addition, we offer a wide range of auxiliary products to meet your specific production requirements.

Contact us for more information or to learn which of our auxiliaries are available in your region.

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