Our spray-up application organic peroxides are the perfect fit for your spray machines. Nouryon offers the world's largest range of organic peroxide curing agents for spray-up applications.

We’re home to the best known brands in the thermoset market, examples include Butanox®, Perkadox® and Trigonox®. We also have a whole range of auxiliary products, such as accelerators and promoters, to meet your specific production requirements.

Our thermoset product portfolio provides you with a multitude of choices for a suitable curing system for your specific application. 

Our curing agents include:

  • Main peroxides: Butanox M-50, Butanox M-60, Trigonox 44B and Trigonox 61
  • Special peroxides: Butanox LA-IN and Cyclonox® LE-50

We will work with you to find the right products for your specific spray-up needs. For more detailed information please contact us.

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