Nouryon provides dedicated curing systems for both the European market, as well as for the areas where the ambient temperatures can be much higher, like in the Middle East.

In countries where the ambient temperatures are higher, it is difficult and costly to expedite our Perkadox 16, which is preferred peroxide for pultrusion. The reason is that Perkadox 16 requires cooled transportation. Therefore we also offer curing systems which can be used in hot countries.

Nouryon curing agents

For cooler climate conditions like in Western Europe, we recommend the use of Perkadox 16, Trigonox C and Trigonox 29-C50. Normally these are used in combination to make full use of the specific reactivity of the various peroxides. Also, a combination with Trigonox HMa and Trigonox 21S is possible.

For hotter regions, we recommend Trigonox C and Trigonox 29-C50. But also peroxides like Trigonox HMa and Perkadox CH-50X can be used.

Main products

The main products which are manufactured by pultrusion process are profiles and rods which are used in steps, grids, handles, windows, as reinforcement bars in concrete (rebar), etc.

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