Polymer concrete is a highly-filled product based on approximately 10% polyester resin and 90% compact mix formulated on particle-sized quartz fillers. Most of the end products are used in the building and construction industry.

The production process

This is mainly a casting process, using a special mixing equipment to obtain a homogeneous distribution of the quartz, sand or CaCO3 particles in the polyester resin. It is often possible to extract air from the finished product via vacuum process.

The mix is then casted in a mold and shortly put on a trembling table to release air and to compact the formulation.

The cure should be as fast as possible. Mostly just before the peak exotherm the product is demolded.The rest of the production line the product is left to fully cure.

Nouryon curing agents

The cure is done at ambient temperature using cure systems based on Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP), like Butanox® M-50, or Acetyl acetone peroxide (AAP), like Trigonox® 44B. Mixtures of these two are quite often the preferred method, as they use the optimal properties of both in producing an excellent cured product. The productivity can be increased by the use of the special accelerator like for example Accelerator 553S or by using a promoter.

Main products

Polymer concrete is used in many applications, the most common examples are sewer gutters, door steps, wall and facade panels and window sills. 

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