The hand lay-up application is done by means of rollers and brushes using an open mold. It allows for manufacturing a wide range of products with relatively low investments on molds and machinery.

The resins include standard orthophthalic and isophthalic resins but also epoxy based vinylester resins for enhanced chemical resistance.

Nouryon curing agents

The curing system for the hand lay-up application is most of the time based on a standard MEKP which is supplied under our brand names Butanox® M-50 and Butanox M-60.

For a similar geltime but a faster cure and higher peak exotherm you can choose a standard AAP which is sold as Trigonox® 44B. In order have a faster cure but to avoid too high peak exotherms you can consider for example Trigonox 51 which contains a peak suppressing additive.

In order to reach curing characteristics in-between standard MEKP and AAP we offer a range of specialty peroxides with various compositions. The most common grades are Trigonox 61, Trigonox 63 and Trigonox 65. For a more gradual cure we recommend the use of Cyclonox® LE-50.

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