The manufacturing of glassfiber reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes is done with several production routes. First, there is the so called Drostholm continuous filament winding process using a continuous mandrel and external heating on the pipe. Secondly, there is a discontinuous filament winding process with a fixed mandrel.

Nouryon curing agents

Our product range for pipe producers evolved from the industry standard (Butanox® M-50 and Butanox M-60) to the development of special peroxides like Trigonox® 279 that give significantly increased line and zero residual styrene to eliminate post cure shrinkage. In addition we offer specially cure systems like Trigonox 249VR which reduces the peak exotherm when manufacturing thick laminates.

Increase your capacity up to 30% switching from Butanox M-60 to Trigonox 279 

Main end products

The pipes are manufactured for desalination plants and for water transport (potable and wastewater), but also for the chemical industry where chemical resistance of the inner wall of the pipe is important.

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