Our cure systems are the preferred choice for continuous lamination for the production of flat and corrugated sheets. This application can be done at ambient temperature using a large flat lamination table, or using continuous machines with an oven to cure the sheets at elevated temperature.

Nouryon curing agents

The ambient temperature curing of flat sheets on a big lamination table is commonly carried out with standard peroxides like Butanox® M-50, Trigonox® 44B, Trigonox 61, Trigonox 63  and Trigonox 65.

Continuous sheet production has a high-output and consequently needs elevated temperature curing and an oven for the final cure. The main curing systems for this application depend on the type of oven that is used.

For companies working with a long oven, the most suitable curing system is Butanox M-50 (medium reactivity) and Trigonox 44B (fast curing). But also the mixed peroxides such as Trigonox 61,Trigonox 63 and Trigonox 65 (mixtures of MEKP and AAP) can be used to get in-between reactivity.

For companies working with a short oven, the most favorable curing system is Trigonox HMa, a fast and efficient for elevated temperature curing, which is desired in high-temperature ovens. It has a very favorable low activation temperature of 50°C which is excellent for this application.

Main products

Corrugated sheets are available in a wide variety of profiles and for several application areas. High-quality products can be gelcoated afterwards with a pure resin layer, which gives an improvement of the weatherability. Flat panels for truck and building panels are usually pigmented.

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