Buttons are manufactured either using a centrifugal casting sheet machineor by using a rod pouring machine. The sheets are slowly cured and the buttons are cut out afterwards.

After being cut out of the sheet the buttons are still flexible. They come to full curing in a hot water bath. The processing and polishing of the button is done once they are hard cured. The sheet buttons are layered and usually have a white bottom layer and a clear top layer with only pearl filler inside.

The rods are cased in pipe segments and fully cured in the pipe in a water bath. Once hard cured they have shrunk a bit and can be taken out and sawn to buttons. These are again processed and polished to the final product. The rods casted buttons are usually larger and filled and fully colored and do not have the layered structure as the sheet buttons.

Nouryon curing agents

For the sheets process a gradual cure is optimal for processing and gives the best end result. In such case a cyclohexanone peroxide as Cyclonox® 11 is the recommended grade. But also a MEKPs such as Butanox® M-50, Butanox HBO-50, Butanox 28 can be used. 

For the rods casting process Butanox M-50 is the recommended grade. For fast curing also Butanox HBO-50, Cyclonox LE-50 and Cyclonox 11 can be used.

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