Our thermoset product portfolio provides you the optimal curing system for body filler and spray putty applications.

Perkadox® BM, Cyclonox® LE and Cyclonox LR are the desired curing agents providing you with excellent cure for putty resins for knife lay-up and spray-up applications.

Our curing agents are available in the following products:

1)   Perkadox BM-50LS in red and white and Perkadox BM-50R. Perkadox BM grade is used in combination with an amine accelerator such as Accelerator NL-67, which is a highly reactive non toxic amine accelerator.

2)   Cyclonox LR, Cyclonox LE-50, Cyclonox 1000P and Cyclonox LR-50BA. These are all used in combination with a Cobalt accelerator such as Accelerator NL-49P.

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