Nouryon has the world’s largest range of organic peroxides for crosslinking thermoplastics, including a number of high temperature crosslinking peroxides for the production of crosslinked (PEX-a, XLPE) polyethylene pipes, tubes, roto-moulded articles, expandable PE and EVA and power distribution cables.

Crosslinking thermoplastics with organic peroxides give excellent secondary properties, such as low flexibility at low temperatures, high temperature durability, chemical strength, UV-stability and reduced environmental stress cracking.

XLPE power distribution cables

Our organic peroxides for crosslinking thermoplastic based power distribution cables are of the highest purity and provide better di-electrical properties in the final product. We also supply high purity superconductive blacks, which are applied in semi-con layers of energy cables at relative low dosage levels, providing an optimal balance between conductivity and mechanical properties.

We are also the leading supplier of Trigonox® T, a liquid peroxide for the production of crosslinked power cables via direct peroxide injection (DPI), a cost efficient alternative to ready-to-use compounds, giving you more flexibility and better control of your end product.

We work closely together with specialized dosing equipment suppliers to help you implement this technology easily, providing you with all the technical and safety support you need. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you in switching from 'ready-made' to 'self-made' cable compounds.

PEX-a pipes and tubes

Nouryon provides a wide range of organic peroxides for the crosslinking of elastomers and thermoplastics, including a number of organic peroxides for the production of PEX-a pipes and tubes. Our products are marketed under the well-known trademark of Trigonox.

When producing polyethylene (PE) pipes and tubes, high density polyethylene (HDPE) is the most frequently used finished product. To further improve HDPE properties, the polymer matrix is crosslinked to obtain a material denoted as PEX-a. During the crosslinking process, the polyethylene macromolecules are chemically linked to form a three-dimensional network.

Nouryon supplies a variety of organic peroxides for the crosslinking of PEX-a pipes and tubes, including Trigonox B, Trigonox 145-E85, Trigonox 301 and Trigonox 311. Contact us today to find out which product suits your production needs.

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