In addition to being the world’s biggest producer of organic peroxides for the crosslinking of elastomers and thermoplastics, we offer a large range of rubber additives.

Our products are used in a variety of applications such as polymer additives, superconductive carbon blacks, adhesion promoters and chemical blowing agents.

Processing aids

When making highly-filled polymer compounds, dispersion of the fillers is a challenge. In many cases standard processing aids do not perform well enough to get a proper dispersion. In those situations Armowax® W-440 brings the perfect solution.

Armowax W-440 is a low melting polymer ester with outstanding dispersion capabilities.  Wetting of inorganic fillers such as carbon black is facilitated by the unique combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups present in the molecule of Armowax W-400, ensuring an optimal dispersion, as well as good processability of the rubber compound.

Superconductive carbon blacks

We have a leading position in the superconductive carbon black market. Carbon blacks are the most frequently used materials for making polymers electroconductive.

Our Ketjenblack® EC superconductive carbon blacks are of the highest purity. Due to their unique morphology, substantially lower amounts of Ketjenblack EC are required to make elastomers electroconductive when compared to conventional carbon blacks. This results in improved processing and mechanical properties of the end product.

Adhesion promoters

Optimal bonding within sulfur cured, steel cord reinforced rubber composites can now be achieved with Perkabond® 55-DINP, our superior adhesion promoter.

Due to its physical form, Perkabond 55-DINP incorporates quickly into the rubber matrix and gives an excellent dispersion and homogeneous distribution in the final compound. Its unique composition prevents spotwise overdosage, thereby avoiding reversion of the adhesion by oxidative degradation.

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