We offer azo initiators, such as Perkadox® AIBN (azobisisobutyronitrile) and Perkadox AMBN (2-methylbutyronitrile), for bulk, solution, suspension and emulsion polymerization of a wide variety of monomers, such as styrene, vinylchloride, vinylidenechloride, acrylonitrile, acrylates and methacrylates.

Our most commonly used initiator is AIBN, but our AMBN provides even better solubility than AIBN.

Azo initiators overview

Product name

Chemical description


Perkadox AIBN



Perkadox AMBN-GR



Perkadox ACCN

tert-Butyl peroxyisobutyrate


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Advantages of AIBN initiators

Azo initiators have many advantages over standard organic peroxides, such as the fact that they form no oxygenated byproducts and provide low yellow discoloration. Azo initiators generate only C-centered radicals, which are low energy and very selective and cause a low amount of branching. This provides low Poly Dispersity Index (PDI) values and molecular weights.

AIBN and other azo initiators provide excellent color stability in transparent colored polymers, such as PMMA. They do not form oxygenated residues and do not cause oxidative degradation of pigmented or dyed systems.

Compared with organic peroxides, azo initiators avoid excessive grafting, making them particularly suitable for use in manufacturing acrylic cast and moulded sheets, as well as adhesives, acrylic fibers, super absorbers, detergents and flocculants.

Perkadox AIBN can also be used for pharmaceutical and fine organic synthesis.

Trigonox® 421

Our Trigonox 421 provides similar technical performance and is a sustainable alternative for AIBN. An additional advantage of Trigonox 421 is that all decomposition products that are generated are non-toxic, which is in contrast to AIBN which forms toxic TMSN.



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