Trigonox ADC-NS30

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Organic peroxide

Organic peroxide

Initiator for (co)polymerization of diethylene glycol bis(allyl carbonate) based optical monomers.

  • Product name

    Trigonox ADC-NS30
  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
  • CAS number

    78350-78-4, 19910-65-7, 105-64-6
  • Physical form

  • Regional availability

    Africa, Europe, India, Middle East
  • Chemical name

    Isopropyl sec-butyl peroxydicarbonate
  • Applications

    Trigonox ADC-NS30 can be used for the polymerization of diethylene glycol di(allylcarbonate) based optical monomers. The use level of Trigonox ADC-NS30 will depend on the particular cure parameters being used. Approximately 9. 5-10. 5% Trigonox ADC-NS30 is required.

Market Segments

Acrylics production

Detailed description

Initiator (30% active ingredient in diethylene glycol di(allyl carbonate)) for (co)polymerization of diethylene glycol di(allyl carbonate) based optical monomers.


  • Polymerization initiator


  • Optical lenses