Promotor D

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Promoter for cobalt-accelerated cure systems using ketone peroxides.

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    Promotor D
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    Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, India, Middle East
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    Promotor D, is a promoter which can be used to increase the reactivity of ketone peroxide/cobalt accelerator based cure systems in a wide variety of unsaturated polyester resins.Promotor D can effectively be used in standard ortho- and iso phthalic acid based polyester resins, Bisphenol A/fumarate resins and vinylester resins. Promotor D can, in vinyl resins, also be used to increase the reactivity of the cure system Trigonox 239/cobalt accelerator and Butanox LPT/ cobalt accelerator.Promotor D can be used in these resins as a substitute for the promoter N,N-Dimethylaniline. In comparison with N,N-Dimethylaniline Promotor D is a low toxic compound.It does not give a yellow to brown discoloration of the cured UP resin part as it is usually observed when aromatic amines are used as promoter.

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

Promoter for cobalt-accelerated cure systems using ketone peroxides at ambient and elevated temperatures.


  • Curing agent


  • Resin Transfer Molding,
  • Hand lay up and spray up