Perkadox CH-50

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Organic peroxide

Organic peroxide

Perkadox CH-50: Fast-curing 50% peroxide formulation; disperses and dissolves very quickly in unsaturated polyester resins and (meth)acrylic resins.

  • Product name

    Perkadox CH-50
  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
  • CAS number

  • Physical form

    Granular powder
  • Regional availability

    Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle East, North America
  • Chemical name

    Dibenzoyl peroxide
  • Applications

    Perkadox CH-50 is a free flowing, fine, granular powder containing 50% dibenzoylperoxide for the curing of unsaturated polyester and acrylic resins at ambient and elevated temperatures. At temperatures up to 80°C, Perkadox CH-50 should be used in combination with an aromatic tertiary amine accelerator, above 80°C the use of an accelerator is not required. Perkadox CH-50 is easy to handle, easy to disperse and dissolves very quickly in unsaturated polyester resins and acrylic resins. When in acrylic resins a very high degree of transparency of the cured part is required the special grade Perkadox CH-50L is advised. The curing system Perkadox CH-50/amine accelerator shows a very fast cure that is hardly influenced by humidity and fillers. Even at low temperatures a relatively good cure will be obtained. A disadvantage may be the yellow color and poor light resistance of the moulded product.

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

Free-flowing 50% peroxide formulation on a carrier for curing unsaturated polyester resins and (meth)acrylic resins at ambient and elevated temperatures. Provides excellent solubility in standard thermoset curing applications.


  • Curing agent


  • Engineered Stone,
  • Acrylics,
  • Pultrusion,
  • Chemical anchors and mine bolts,
  • Resin Transfer Molding,
  • Filament winding,
  • Hand lay up and spray up