Armostat 1000-L40

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Internal antistat with a monoester content of >40%.

  • Product name

    Armostat 1000-L40
  • Chemical family

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  • Physical form

  • Regional availability

    Africa, Europe, India, Middle East
  • Chemical name

    Mixture of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids
  • Applications

    Armostat 1000-L40 is a glycerolstearate with a monoester content of > 40%. Armostat 1000-L40 is widely used as internal antistat for polyolefins but can also be used for PS and PVC. It is a very fast migrating additive and due to that it gives almost instantaneous antistatic performance. Due to the fast migration Armostat 1000-L40 also has a positive effect on the flow and mould release. Next to that Armostat 1000-L40 provides slip and anti-block effect. Some indication for typical dosing levels is given below: Polyolefins film: 0.05-0.2% Polyolefins molded articles: 0.1-1% Armostat 1000-L40 powder show uniform particle size, providing excellent flow behavior, enabling easy dosing and mixing.

Market Segments

Polymer Additives

Detailed description

Glycerolstearate with a monoester content of >40% and lubricating properties, used as internal antistat for polyolefins. Also used for PS and PVC applications.


  • Antistatic additive


  • Thermoplastics