17 Mar 2019 - News

At JEC 2019 in Paris Roel Zuijderduin, Technical Development Manager Thermoset Europe shared the latest developments that Nouryon has made on cobalt-free accelerators and their advantages over standard cobalt accelerators.

Cobalt-octoate, commonly used as an accelerator in cure systems, was recently reclassified as CMR Reprotoxic category 1B. The reclassification has a significant impact on the use of this material. Nouryon offers a range of alternative accelerator solutions to the composites market branded under the name Nouryact that are based on copper, iron and manganese. Composite manufacturers and resin manufacturers are highly interested in the cobalt-free accelerators portfolio and Nouryon used its opportunity at JEC World to share details on this technology.

Roel Zuijderduin the TDM for Nouryon Polymer Chemistry is active in the Thermoset segment and delivered his presentation on the above topic during a well-attended session that prompted many questions among attendees during the presentation and later at the Nouryon booth.

Roel’s presentation is captured in the video below. The slides cannot be seen clearly in the video, but are available from Roel by request at: Roel.Zuijderduin@nouryon.com.

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