19 March - 21 March 2019 Nuremberg Messe, Germany

European Coatings Show

Join us at the European Coatings Show 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, to learn more about our new company Nouryon and our products for paints and coatings.

Nouryon’s range of organic peroxides for the manufacture of acrylics is the world’s largest. We cover classes such as peroxy(di)carbonates, diacyl peroxides, peroxyketals, peroxyesters, dialkyl peroxides and hydroperoxides. In addition we supply azo (N=N) and carbon-carbon (C-C) initiators. Our products are used in a huge range of industrial and consumer goods, such as solvent and water based coating resins, acrylic sheets and castings, toner and inks, adhesives and sealants, acrylic fibers, su­per absorbers, detergents and flocculants and many others. Our range of initiators meet the requirements in each area of application, from polymerization tem­perature, rate of radical formation and storage facilities. We are widely known for our world-class products, including Trigonox®, Perkadox® and Ketjenblack®.

You’re more than welcome to set up a meet and greet or simply come find us at the exhibition and chat to an expert.

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Tuesday 19 March - Thursday 21 March 2019

    • Exhibition Centre
    • 90471 , Nuremberg Messe
    • Germany