For half a century, Nouryon is leading the way in the safe use and production of organic peroxides. We consider it a core value to share our knowledge and support our customers in the safe handling of our products.

We do this by providing advice on a wide range of topics, from storage and dosing systems to performing site audits, to name a few. But most importantly, by conducting many training sessions, including at our safety laboratory in Deventer, at customer sites and at distributor events.

Over the years we have performed thousands of trainings globally in many different languages. Despite these efforts we have found it difficult to train all of our end customers, especially those that procure our products via distribution networks. However, modern technology is now helping us to increase our reach beyond our physical training sessions.

Recently, we introduced our innovative e-learning module for the Thermoset industry. Due to this new program, we are now able to reach any customer that has internet access in ten different languages.

Supported by interactive animations and video, the module is designed to provide a basic understanding of the hazardous properties of organic peroxides while giving practical advice on the safe handling and storage of these products.

At the end, participants are given an exam and if successfully finished the participant we receive a certificate.

Our distributors and our account managers can enroll participants to participate in the online training. We strongly advocate that all personnel handling our products to complete the training.

Since our recent launch of the English version, we have been able to certify hundreds of participants. With the recent expansion of our program to include nine additional languages, we expect that number to be in the thousands.

Due to the enormous success of the program in the industry, we have plans to design custom training modules for our other market segments. We will also continue with providing our classroom sessions and all our other industry leading safety services.

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